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Build Your Own Visual Aid Online


This is your opportunity to see how your own information about risks or likelihoods might look when displayed as a Perspective Scale or Palette.

By following a simple 4-step process and entering the data that you wish to include, you can customize and print out your own versions of our two main visual aid formats.

This special service is only intended to show you a simplified view of what it is possible. To optimize your success at effectively communicating your message, we recommend that you download our high-resolution graphics in order to select the most appropriate type of palette (All men, all women, etc.). Using a graphic designer will allow you to include error bars and finesse the layout, fonts and style.

Currently this web-based program is provided free of charge, However, in order to proceed, users must agree to the following basic terms:

  1. The copyright designation on the documents shall not be removed
  2. The graphics produced using this tool are not licensed for professional publications
  3. People wishing to use the resulting graphics for commercial purposes need to register for one of our licenses: See
  4. The Risk Communication Institute and its officers assume no responsibility for the accuracy of these tools, nor for any decisions that may be made as a result of users displaying their data on these visual aids.

Please enter your name and email address, and confirm that you agree to the terms above.




If you would like us to customize our communications tools to focus on
your own needs, or if you would like to inquire about John Paling speaking
at your next meeting, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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