Single Individual License

For use of visual aids from The Risk Communication Institute


We are pleased to make our copyrighted visual aids available to individuals who want to use them to improve the effectiveness of their own communications to specialists and the general public. (Note: To modify these visual aids requires a basic knowledge of graphics design programs.)

What a license provides

As an Individual License holder, you can repeatedly access and download the high-resolution templates of our visual aids for a three-year period immaterial of which organization you work in. Under this license, you may customize these tools for use with patients, the media, the public and other professionals. Furthermore you are free to distribute your customized graphics based on our formats and to incorporate them in articles and scientific papers (for no extra charge).

(Professional publications may request exclusive rights to your publication so, for this purpose only, you may transfer exclusive rights to your version of the communications tools (including your numbers, your text and your positioning of data points) providing that the tools still display the prime copyright holder as Risk Communication Format © John Paling 2008. See We will be pleased to advise clients on such matters.)

This license includes up to 30 minutes of personal advice on design and plotting data at no charge.

After the initial license period has expired, further licenses will be available at rates prevailing at the time.

NOTE: These services are for an individual's personal and non-commercial use only.

As the holder of an Individual License, you must understand and accept that

Each and every Perspective Scale or Palette based on our formats must show in legible form the words Risk Communication Format © John Paling 2008. See

This license does not include the rights to distribute blank templates of these visual aids to others.

The scales or palettes based upon these communication tools shall not be sold or traded as a product.

This is personal license so you are responsible for seeing that copyright designations are maintained including by those to whom you may pass on your graphics.

You will not hold John Paling or The Risk Communication Institute responsible for the consequences of any decisions that others may make as a result of data being displayed on these communications tools.

You may not use these graphics based on our formats as marketing support for some product or service. (This requires a business or organizational license.)

The Fee for a Three-Year License: $100 USD

How to apply

I accept the above terms and wish to apply for an INDIVIDUAL LICENSE to download and use the visual aids that are available on The Risk Communication Institute web site for a three-year period.

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What happens next?

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