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The Pain Scale for Patients™ is a deceptively simple device that allows people who are hurting to monitor their own levels of pain at times when they are away from their doctors. This scale is based on the Pain Scale for Professionals™, a tool that is widely used by specialists in pain research worldwide.

As patients try different procedures to reduce their pain, they are encouraged to take readings on a daily basis as well as keeping notes about their key circumstances at the time.

Patients can then share their records with their doctor so that, together, they may better identify what treatments are producing the most effective relief.


The scale you are going to use seems so simple at first sight that you might mistakenly think of it as toy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The principle upon which the Pain Scale for Patients™ is based has been scientifically proven by researchers . You are about to see one of the most effective tools available for patients.

Comparison with other methods allowing patients to measure pain. ( See evidence )


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