Building Your Own Visual Aid Online

You have chosen a Palette.

This tool is designed to show the number of people out of 1000 who might be expected
to experience some particular event. (And, at the same time,
it shows the numbers who are not likely to be affected.)

To produce your own palette, first enter a main title and an optional subtitle.

For example,
Title: Risk of Post-menopausal Woman Developing Breast Cancer Over a 5-year Period
Subtitle: American women in WHI study


Next, decide which style of people icons you want the palette to display.


Palettes often communicate most clearly when they display only one issue. (This is because the format actually shows two important pieces of information at the same time - both the positive and the negative perspective.)

However, many clients like to use their palettes with up to three risks displayed on the same sheet. For this reason, we offer you two different ways to build your Paling Palette©.

Do you want the risks on your finished palette to show "separate" and look like version A, or to be "additive" and look like version B?

Separate   Additive

Click which style you want. (If you plan to display only one item, it does not matter which format you choose.)

You have chosen to use a "Separate" Palette.

Now to produce your own palette enter the text for up to 3 separate but related risks.

For example,
Item 1. Background risk without any hormone treatment - 15 in 1000 (blue)
Item 2. Additional risk with estrogen & progestin treatment - 4 in 1000 (red)

If your data are not expressed as above, you can simply enter your numbers as likelihoods (e.g. 70 out of 560) and the computer will estimate how that would show on your palette. (e.g. 125 out of 1000).

  Explanatory Text Likelihood Frequency Color
Item 1: in in 1000

Use the fields below if you would like to enter more than one item per Palette.

  Explanatory Text Likelihood Frequency Color
Item 2: in in 1000
Item 3: in in 1000

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