A Constantly Changing
Paling Perspective Scale

Showing the probabilities of serious risks
that people can easily relate to. ( Sources )

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This is intended simply to illustrate the reality that we all face potentially fatal risks on a daily basis. However, because there are so many of them and the likelihood of any one of them happening is typically very low or minimal, people tend not to take special precautions, other than using common sense. You can see that the majority of these risks that we are "at home with" have probabilities around 1 in a million to 1 in 10,000 and this suggests that new worries that have odds in this green "Home Base Zone" should certainly not be ignored but should not be singled out for alarmist media headlines.

Readers should know that comparing any single risk with another is often criticized by risk professionals for a variety of good reasons. See http://www.psandman.com/articles/cma-3.htm. Despite this, members of the public naturally seek such comparisons to help them put risks into perspective. The above display of risks reinforces the fact that when the public assesses risks, emotions tend to dominate facts.