Building Your Own Visual Aid Online

You have chosen to use a Risk Perspective Scale.

To produce your own perspective scale, first enter a main title and an optional subtitle.

For example,
Title: Annual Risk of Death in America Due to Transport Accidents.
Subtitle: Source: National Safety Counsel, 2004


Enter text for up to five topics along with the associated figures.
Eg: Risk for bus occupant: 1 in 7,705,000
Risk for pedalcyclist: 1 in 360,000
Risk for motorcycle rider: 1 in 93,700
Risk for car occupant: 1 in 19,000

You can enter your likelihood numbers in terms such as 13 in 247,000 and the program will convert them automatically into the correct form for locating them on the scales.

  Explanatory Text Likelihood
1. in
2. in
3. in
4. in
5. in

An optional extra
If you wish to show some context for the numbers you add to your Paling Perspective Scale™, you can add a zone (as a faint background color) which marks the likelihoods of serious -often fatal- risks that members of the public are "at home" or comfortable with. By this, we mean the sort of annual or per incident risks that members of the public know about from their daily lives but, based on their own experiences of life, are seen as too remote a chance for them to change their lives around to avoid.
See for some just examples of "Home Base" risks.

Show a Home Base Zone of risks on my scale.

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